Mascarpone cheese - Consorzio Latterie Virgilio
Mascarpone cheese - Consorzio Latterie VirgilioMascarpone cheese - Consorzio Latterie Virgilio


Our Mascarpone cheese, a traditional product of Lombardy, is produced respecting the traditional production that exalts its natural creamy.


Average nutritional values:
Energy 1638 kj / 397 kcal
Proteins 5,9 g
Carbohydrate 2,1 g
Sugars 2,1 g
Fat 41 g
Saturated fatty acids 29 g
Monounsaturated 10 g
Polyunsaturated 1,7 g
Dietary fiber 0 g
Salt 0,34 g
(Referred to 100 g or 100 ml of product)



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